Before the Guitar Center Drum Off at Club Nokia, it was only fitting to pay a visit to the Grammy Museum for the Ringo Starr exhibit. Some of his vintage kits are on display, both in the lobby and on the second level, where you you can take a video drum lesson from Ringo on an electronic kit, sing along to the Yellow Submarine video in an iso room, sit in the Clive Davis Theater and watch a Ringo documentary that covers his music and movie career. Caveman is a personal favorite. There are all kinds of neat Beatles things to check out.

There were also great exhibits for Cheap Trick and John Fogerty. It’s a great time to visit the Grammy Museum.


Then, it was off to the Red Carpet for the Guitar Center Drum Off with Thomas Lang, Steve Perry, Steve Ferrone, Glen Sobel, Ray Luzier, George Lynch, Dug Pinnick and many more…



And inside for the Drum Off as 5 drummers battled it out for the championship:

And tons of great performances by Chad Smith/ The Bombastic Meatbats with Steve Lukather, Steve Ferrone and friends (with Steve Perry), Ray Luzier, Jeff Kollman, Billy Sheehan and many more:



BELLA DONNA AXS TV WORLD’S GREATEST TRIBUTE BANDS Tribute to Stevie Nicks/ Fleetwood Mac The Whisky 1/13/2014

Photo: Tonight!DSC02429DSC02417DSC02423DSC02430

A great band, a wonderful set list and many costume changes are the first three things that come to mind for the Bella Donna Tribute to Stevie Nicks show tonight.

Katie Daryl came out and introduced the band at the start of the show.


Led by Michelle Tyler, Bella Donna started off with “Stand Back” and it was a great way to get things underway. 



The next song was “Dreams”, followed by “Gold Dust Woman”.   The costume changes and great tunes just kept coming.  The band was excellent.  Every player and both back up singers completely rocked.


Then, the singer for the PettyBreakers did a duet with Bella Donna – “Stop Draggin’My Heart Around”.   That was a high point of the show.   The PettyBreakers will be appearing on the WGTB show on February 24.  It would be fantastic if Belladonna came out and played on the song “Insider” (the other Nicks/ Petty collaboration).


The first set ended with “Silver Spring” and “Rhiannon” when Katie came out and announced the commercial break.

The encore consisted of “TALK TO ME” (haven’t heard that song in forever) with a great saxophone playing, “LANDSLIDE” and another oldie but goodie in “Edge of 17”.   That was a great way to end the set.  This band really played their hearts out and the songs rocked.





p>The band closed out the set with a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock And Roll”.  It was rocking.   Next Monday night’s show is a tribute to The Beastie Boys.  Very cool.

Wild Child The Canyon Club 1/11/2014

I first got to experience Wild Child’s tribute to the Doors at The Roxy last year for  their television special on AXS TV’s World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.


Singer Dave Brock is obviously the real deal when it comes to singing the  music of Jim Morrison and The Doors.

At the time, he was the lead singer for Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger’s band, which, all lawsuits aside, essentially made him the last singer of The Doors. 

Unfortunately, Ray Manzarek passed away a short time after the show.

At the end of the summer, Robby Krieger, along with Scott Medlock threw an incredible fundraising concert event in Moorpark, CA for St Jude Children’s Hospital


Living up  to the name as the greatest tribute to the Doors, the show at the Canyon was fantastic.   The songs and the performance just kept getting better and better.   The large crowd was so into the show.   The band played most of the hits and a few rarities.    The faithful rendition of The Doors songs combined with the vibe at The Canyon last night made this a truly great evening.      Wild Child is a must-see show for any Doors fan.     

With Robby Krieger playing at the Canyon next week, I was hoping he’d make a special appearance.    Here’s hoping Dave and Robbie will play again at the next St. Jude benefit coming up September 15, 2014 • at the Moorpark County Club.



Dave Brock

Here are some fan reviews of a previous Wild Child show where YouTellConcerts did a video wrap up of the ir AXS television how.