2014 Concerts

I’ve seen Los Lobos several times over the last 20+ years and they are always an awesome band in concert.
I once saw them play a show with Fishbone and Tom Waits. Another time, they played at the Experience Hendrix show alongside Living Colour, Joe Satriani and others on the bill that ou wouldn’t think of pairing with Los Lobos.

They’ve been a band for around 40 years and they still put on a great show. I’m pretty sure these are all original/ founding members of the band.
Their music is very diverse and they are fantastic musicians.

For this show, they played close to a two hour set that included some folk, ranchero music, a little R&B, with lots of rock and blues. A little accordion here, a few little guitars there, some saxophone…… it was cool.

Their encore included “Cinammon Girl” by Neil Young and “La Bamba” –…

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Set List:

  1. Celebration Day (Brian Tichy)
  2. The Rover (Stephen Perkins)

  3. Houses Of The Holy (Michael Cartellone)

  4. The Wanton Song (Chris Frazer)

  5. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (Athena)

  6. Wearing And Tearing (Gene Hoglan)

  7. We’re Gonna Groove (Jason Sutter)

  8. Heartbreaker (Van Romaine)

  9. Communication Breakdown (Corky Laing)

  10. Whole Lotta Love (Matt Starr)

  11. Misty Mountain Hop (Jimmy D’Anda)

  12. Four Sticks (Glen Sobel)

  13. When The Levee Breaks (John Hummel)

  14. Living Loving Maid (Seven Antonopolous)

  15. I Can’t Quite You Baby (Khurt Maier)

  16. Custard Pie (Simon Wright)

  17. Dancing Days (Rikki Rockett)

  18. Since I’ve Been Loving You (Dave Lombardo)

  19. Nobody’s Fault But Mine (A.J. Pero)

  20. Kashmir (Brian Tichy)

  21. Dazed And Confused (Charlie Benante)

  22. Good Times Bad Times (Brian Tichy)

  23. The Song Remains The Same (Ray Luzier and Billy Sheehan)

  24. Achilles Last Stand (Brian Tichy)

  25. For Your Life (Brandon Kachel)

  26. Fool In The Rain (Will Calhoun)

  27. Out On The Tiles (Joe Travers)

  28. D’yer M’aker (Mark Schulman)

  29. Immigrant Song (Thomas Lang)

  30. Bonzo’s Montreaux/Night Flight (Mike Portnoy)

  31. Stairway To Heaven (Cortney DAugustine)