Robert Randolph and the Family Band with Kenny Wayne Shepherd guesting THE CANYON CLUB 2/28/2014


I happened to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band back in the summer of 2004 (almost ten years ago!) when they opened for Eric Clapton at the Hollywood Bowl.    I was instantly blown away by the music and performance.     At the end of the evening, I left the show liking their set the best. 


A few years later, I was lucky enough to see them again opening for Dave Matthews Band.  Again, their set was the highlight of the evening.


I was thrilled to hear that they were playing the Canyon.     

As expected, from the opening note of his pedal steel guitar to the end, the show was fantastic.   His guitar playing is unreal.   He broke a string and had to have it fixed while he was playing.  It was actually pretty entertaining to watch.   


Very early on into the set, he went ahead and introduced Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  They jammed on three songs together.  Kenny just played The Canyon a few weeks ago and his band totally rocked, too.


The entire show was awesome.    There were some catchy tunes off the new album – Lickety

Split and the band just flat out rocks all kinds of styles – it was funky, bluesy, raw and powerful.   I’d see this band again and again.   And I’m not usually a big fan of slide guitar playing and blues, but I can;t say enough about this group.


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Here’s the band’s EPK – it’s pretty awesome:



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