THE PETTYBREAKERS AXS TV’S World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Hosted by KATIE DARYL The Whisky 2/24/2014



Tonight’s show was the midpoint of Season 3 (show #8 of of 15), as “The Pettybreakers” paid tribute to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.


We got a quick glimpse of The Pettybreakers earlier in Season 3 when Ozzie Mancelli (playing Tom Petty) joined Bella Donna (Michelle Tyler playing Stevie Nicks) onstage for some Petty/Nicks duets.


The Pettybreakers just recorded the first three songs on the newest AXS TV release available on iTunes (the songs are Change of Heart, Learning to Fly, You Got Lucky):


The recordings are great (and Change of Heart is my all-time favorite Petty song).


Katie Daryl introduced the band and the event got underway. MORE PICS OF KATIE I think I could hear Katie Daryl say that Tom Petty last played The Whisky in 1980, so if I heard that correctly, it’s pretty cool. In any case, the band came out and jammed some of Tom…

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