RAY GOREN AND THE MOBY DICKS LUCY’S 51 TOLUCA LAKE – LoMenzo, Aronoff and Woods All-star Jam 7/22/2013


There’s been a lot of talk about Ray Goren and has guitar playing abilities.  At 13, his singing and playing are way beyond his years.   Ray got up there and gave a commanding performance.

DSC01288 DSC01279 DSC01274 DSC01278

DSC01272 DSC01270  DSC01261 DSC01259

 DSC01257 DSC01256 DSC01265


After The Moby Dicks played for over 3 hours at the Viper Room last Saturday, Chas West, Brent Woods and James Lomenzo made their return and jammed a few more tunes with Kenny Aronoff on the drums (and were later joined by Brian Tichy, Bumblefoot and Lemmy’s son on bass as well)


DSC01237 DSC01234 DSC01220 DSC01224 DSC01234

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