BUMBLEFOOT RON THAL, BRIAN TICHY, REX BROWN and MARK ZAVON join Aronoff/Woods and Lomenzo’s Monday Night Jam in Toluca Lake

It’s Monday night around 11PM at the open jam hosted by James LoMenzo, Brent Woods and Kenny Aronoff in Toluca Lake.

There’s already been enough cool jamming for evening.   Then, Mark Zavon walked in with Rex Brown.    A few minutes later, Brian Tichy shows up with Bumblefoot.   The next thing you know, the new band A.L.I.V.E. is playing their first couple songs in public just 2 days prior to their show at the Whisky.  

They jammed the 70s KISS tunes.   Parasite was awesome, as was Detroit Rock City and other tunes.

This band is going to ROCK on Wednesday!!


Bumblefoot stayed on stage while Tichy picked up a guitar, Brent Woods grabbed a guitar, James LoMenzo resumed his spot on the bass, while Kenny Aronoff rejoined on drums as they played some Zeppelin tunes with Chas West on vocals.   It was a full-on Moby Dicks/Bonzo Bash style jam.   

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