The BoDeans with Kenny Aronoff and an appearance by John Waite The Canyon Club 7/21/2013

I honestly had no idea who The Bo Deans were.  I had heard of them before, but couldn’t name a song or even their style of music.

I had no plans of attending this show until I heard that Kenny Aronoff was playing the drums.   Then I heard about an appearance by John Waite at 7PM, so I made a mad dash to The Canyon and ended up being treated to a great night of music.  The BoDeans are an incredible band that put on a fantastic live show.   I’m shocked I never heard much about them.  And having a drum clinic right in front of you with Kenny Aronoff certainly was a bonus!!

DSC01344 DSC01422DSC01302 DSC01431  DSC01404 DSC01398 DSC01394 DSC01390 DSC01388 DSC01371 DSC01347

The second band was really good.  I didn’t catch their name, but they played some great tunes and are obviously very skilled musicians.



Keesha Scott Hogan started the evening.   Excellent band!   Her husband is John Waite’s bass player.   John came out and sang on the last tune.   He didn’t do any of his own tunes.    Great band.  I’d see them again.

DSC01267 DSC01254 DSC01234 DSC01259 DSC01266 DSC01269 DSC01272 DSC01276 DSC01284

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