Rock Against MS‎ "BEAT MS" DRUM CIRCLE HOSTED BY STEPHEN PERKINS Paramount Ranch Agoura Hills, CA 8/10/2014


MS blows. My uncle is in his mid-50s. His occupation was very physically demanding and he was strong beyond belief. When I was a teenager. He’d usually come pick me up at my house and we’d go to concerts together. When I was about 15, he took me to see Aerosmith and Dokken at the Long Beach Arena on a school night. Another time, he rented a limo to take me and my best friend to go see Night Ranger. We always had a fun time together at shows over the years and I have great memories of him giving me the rock star treatment.

Sometime in the 90s, he was starting to experience some physical problems and he had to take a big step back from his work. After many doctor visits, he was eventually diagnosed with MS. Seeing what it has done to his quality of life has…

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