Nobuo Uematsu and The Earthbound Papas – Dancing Dad Q&A/ meet&greet UCLA 10/29/2013 Part 2


Part 2 of Journey Kim’s experience with Nobuo Uematsu and his Earthbound Papas at the Q&A/ Dancing Dad meet and greet at UCLA.

(continued from PART 1)

I am a pretty avid gamer; I received my first console when I was probably 5 years old. It was a Playstation. One day, my neighbor decided to give me a cache of his Playstation games, among them included Final Fantasy 7-9. And that was it. I was floored by the amount of effort put into every detail of these games, they pushed every boundary for their time. I grew up listening to these amazing compositions that were tailored to an epic gaming experience. Through these songs I am able to revisit a wonderful time in my life. Nobuo Uematsu is responsible for the vast majority of music in the Final Fantasy series, and I actually received the opportunity to interview him and gain insight on his music. Needless to say, I was quite nervous and felt like a complete fool, but Uematsu’s charm and joy helped to break the ice and create a welcoming environment. I had an unforgettable experience, and it was truly an honor to be able to speak with the man who composed my childhood.

– Journey Kim

After the band played, Brandon came up and introduced the members of The Earthbound Papas.


Here is some footage of the Q&A:

DSC09283 DSC09257 DSC09298

  DSC09270 DSC09254 DSC09209

DSC09216  DSC09322DSC09323


  DSC09325 DSC09328 DSC09330 DSC09339   DSC09343 DSC09340



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