Rusted Root The Canyon Club 10/27/2013

I had no idea what to expect from this show.  

I had checked out some YouTube clips and figured this wasn’t really my type of music. 

Seeing as though I’ve seen all kinds of bands this year that I wouldn’t have normally attended in years past, I decided to catch their show on my way home from Santa Monica.   It turns out that these guys really jam.   I was totally impressed.  It was happy music with a good groove.   I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.    I took pictures from the ultra-comfy couch in the back and rocked out for almost an hour and half before I realized that I was about to fall asleep for the evening.  It was a long day and the couch was way too inviting.   Had I not been so tired, I would have stayed for the rest of their show and will definitely try to catch them the next time they roll through town. 

DSC09074DSC09075 DSC08992  DSC09048 DSC09034 DSC09018 DSC09017 DSC09013 DSC09008     DSC08958 DSC09002DSC08962 DSC08969 DSC08971 DSC08989 DSC09060

DSC09093 DSC08996

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