ACS (Geri Allen, Terri Lyne Carrington, Esperanza Spalding) The Broad Stage Santa Monica, CA 10/27/2013


ACS: Allen, Carrington, Spalding - Batalla Opens

This is a great venue in Santa Monica.  It’s very beautiful and has really good acoustics.  

The show started a little after 4PM with Perla Batalla singing some incredible tunes, including “Bird on a Wire” by Leonard Cohen.  She also did a tribute to Lou Reed.   IT was a fitting way to start the show.

ACS came out around 5:00 and played an hour and a half of great jazz.  The interplay between the bass, drums and piano was magnificent and the musicianship was fantastic.  They played a few Wayne Shorter tunes early in the set.   Geri Allen kept it all together with her phenomenal piano playing.   Terri Lyne Carrington was great on the drums.    Esperanza Spalding played incredible bass lines and sang a song by Geri Allen later in the set.   She has an incredibly musical voice.  It was quite the musical excursion.

DSC08944DSC08951DSC08908 DSC08937DSC08917 DSC08922 DSC08925   DSC08932 DSC08927  

Geri Allen
Terri Lyne Carrington
Esperanza Spalding
Perla Batalla, opener
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