Which One’s Pink performs a spectacular tribute to Pink Floyd.  They have had a solid and well deserved reputation as the premiere Pink Floyd Tribute band for quite some time.  


I actually saw Which One’s Pink? play a show with upcoming World’s Greatest Tribute Band act Led Zepagain at the Oceanview Pavilion in a little beach town far north of LA about 5 years ago.

That evening, they played “The Dark Side of The Moon” in its entirety and it was incredible.  And having seen Roger Waters perform the same album at the Hollywood Bowl less than a year earlier was a good way to gauge how great they really were.  And they are.   Witnessing  a very small portion of the sound check turned out to be a great show in itself.    With an abundance of Pink Floyd material to draw from (14 studio albums and 27 singles), there wasn’t exactly a shortage of great songs to choose from.   

The huge crowd was incredibly enthusiastic (and quite loud) at the show.   Everyone there was really excited to hear Pink Floyd music done right.  


What last week’s show had in theatrics, this one had incredible lighting and lasers, along with really good sound, which made the entire venue an exciting display of sound and lights to back the music of the band.   


Katie Daryl came out for the TV introduction for the band to the deafening roar of the audience.  

The band hit on all cylinders from the opening cha-ching of the cash register of “Money” to the sax and guitar solos and killer vocals.  They continued the momentum throughout their 8 songs in their main set, which was a great mix of selections from The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon.   



The lasers kicked in during the second song of the set (“Happiest Days of Our Lives”) which segued into “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)”, where Dan Johnson came out and got the audience participating with the chorus to the song.  He also provided the voices at the end of the song.


Along with the remarkable keyboards, guitar, bass and drum parts, there was some lap steel guitar on “Breathe” from Dark Side of the Moon.   It all sounded so slick.  And the lasers were just incredible.


After “Breathe”, they went straight into “Time” with some great percussion and keyboard parts.  And great sound and lighting.  The lasers were such a bonus. 

 DSC05658 DSC05690DSC05683DSC05682 

From there, they went back to The Wall and stayed their for the remainder of the main set with “Hey You” and then “Empty Spaces”.

 DSC05824  DSC05692DSC05694

Katie came out onstage at the end of “Young Lust” (that song totally rocked and was one of the real highlights of the show) and took the show to commercial break.


The encore consisted of “Wish You Were Here” (complete with 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars), an incredible version of“Comfortably Numb” and “Run Like Hell”, which was a great way to end the live telecast.   

What a great selection of songs and incredible performance this was.

DSC05872DSC05877 DSC05768DSC05894 DSC05906 DSC05806DSC05752DSC05949 DSC05873 DSC05955

DSC05966DSC05975 DSC05962 DSC05963  image DSC05967

The fans in attendance were then treated to the oldest song in the set, as they played out with “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” from 1968’s A Saucerful of Secrets.


Which One’s Pink and Pink Floyd fans of all ages were completely blown away by the show.

DSC05999 DSC06020 

This was another incredible performance to add to the 5 other great acts that have already performed this season. 

Which One’s Pink did a phenomenal job and definitely earned their place amongst “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”

W1P on Twitter


Money (The Dark Side of the Moon)                                   

Happiest Days of Our Lives  (from The Wall)             

Another Brick in the Wall, Part II (from The Wall)        

Breathe  (The Dark Side of The Moon)                             

Time   (The Dark Side of The Moon)                                   

Hey You (The Wall)                               

Empty Spaces (The Wall)                               

Young Lust  (The Wall) 



Wish You Were Here (Wish You Were Here)                      

Comfortably Numb  (The Wall)                     

Run Like Hell (The Wall)

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun   (A Saucerful of Secrets)



Paul Samarin lead guitar/vocals

Scott Richards – Bass

Allen Moreno – Guitar

Marty Brumer – Drums

Nick Feduska and Larry Isenberg – Keyboards

Dan Johnson – vocals/ voices

Michael Forbes – saxophone

NEXT WEEK?  A tribute to Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory

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