REPLICATED: A tribute to Iron Maiden, Metallica & RATM featuring THE IRON MAIDENS and DAMAGE INC. House of Blues Anaheim 8/16/2013

Heavy Metal Hill

The tribute band craze is at an all-time high.  More and more these days, larger venues are booking tribute acts and they are filling the places up.

Presented by Spektra Entertainment Group and featuring two of the acts on “The World’s Great Tribute Band” series, the “Replicated” tribute to Iron Maiden, Metallica and Rage Against the Machine show was nothing short of spectacular.

Take my hand……… we’re off to see a TRIBUTE BAND!!

Take my hand…… we’re off to DOWNTOWN DISNEYLAND!!!

This was a killer bill.    With Friday evening traffic, it took quite a long while to get to the show.

Damage Inc. tore up the place with some good old thrash metal.   They started with “Blackened” and “Master of Puppets” and dug deep into the Metallica catalog for some tunes the more die-hard Metallica fans absolutely loved.   In a cool move, they shied away from some of the…

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