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41 years ago today, Alice Cooper was at Number 1 on the UK singles chart with “School’s Out”.

Alice Cooper actually used to hang out with other rock stars at “On The Rox” – the little nightclub right above The Roxy.

“You used to be so hip when you hung out on the Strip……”—  lyrics from “Give It Up” off Alice Cooper’s “Constrictor” Album   


With all the “shock rock” aspects of his stage performance, Alice Cooper may be the ultimate act to pay tribute to and Alice in Cooperland  really did a fantastic job.   After he popped out of the casket onstage and proceeded to play 15 Alice Cooper classics throughout the set.  With tons of incredible theatrics and seemingly constant costume and set changes, this was the ultimate production and a truly faithful recreation of an Alice Cooper show.  The band rocked it.   The musicianship made this a very believable performance.
  DSC01083 DSC01076

They played a dozen songs before going to commercial break with Katie Daryl at the conclusion of “I Love The Dead”.   Highlights included a David Brighton as David Bowie appearance during “Under My Wheels”, a reenactment of the hilarious Wayne’s World skit with Alice Cooper, Alice getting beheaded by a guillotine.  In fact, every song was a highlight and there was so much going on. 

They returned with “School’s Out” and “Elected” to close the broadcast.   They then rocked “Cold Ethyl” for the live audience.   What a shockingly great show this was.  Talk about exceeding expectations.   WOW!


Billion Dollar Babies

 DSC01176 DSC01165 DSC01224

I’m Eighteen

 DSC01197DSC01212 DSC01209 DSC01200

Feed My Frankenstein  

 DSC01271DSC01234 DSC01258 DSC01263 DSC01259

Under My Wheels (complete with an appearance by David Brighton)


DSC01305  DSC01303 DSC01304

DSC01310 DSC01309

Only Women Bleed

DSC01329 DSC01359 DSC01410

Welcome To My Nightmare


Go To Hell

 DSC01438DSC01435 DSC01427  DSC01453 DSC01450   DSC01464



No More Mr. Nice Guy


Be My Lover

 DSC01554 DSC01579DSC01588



I Love The Dead



DSC01637   DSC01634DSC01632


School’s Out

DSC01653 DSC01692 DSC01713 DSC01696DSC01716

In addition to popping confetti-filled balloons with a sword, there were also smoke and fog machines during the encore. 

Elected ‘ – with appearances by Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.  They threw money around.   It was hilarious.

DSC01738 DSC01763DSC01762DSC01743

  The close of the broadcast: 


DSC01796 DSC01791 DSC01795 DSC01789 DSC01785 DSC01781 DSC01779

Cold Ethyl

DSC01824  DSC01847


THE BAND (Left to Right):






WHAT A PRODUCTION!!  There were so many people that came out to take the final bow.   That was cool.


The lyrics to “Go to Hell” probably stood out the most and are most meaningful: 

“For criminal acts and violence on the stage
For being a brat – Refusing to act your age
For all of the decent citizens you’ve enraged
You can go to Hell
For gambling and drinking alcohol constantly
For making us doubt our parents authority
For choosing to be a living obscenity
You can go to Hell” 

I’ve seen Alice Cooper in concert 3 times.  He always has top notch musicians and never fails to put on a fantastic show.

I actually enjoyed the sound and the lighting at this show at The Roxy better than the venues where I’ve seen Alice perform. 

The last time I saw him live was a few months ago, I ended up sitting up front in a GREAT seat and got to hang out backstage before, during and after the show.  I even got to meet Alice before the band hopped on the tour bus.  He was a cool dude and looks great for a 65 year old rocker.     

Here’s a picture I took of Alice and my buddy after the show:


“……You got a perfect happy smile, yeah you`re growing old in style………”

—  lyrics from “Give It Up” off Alice Cooper’s “Constrictor” Album   

This shows marks the halfway point of Season 2 of The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.  There are 5 more shows remaining this season.    Free ticket information


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