DRUM CHANNEL with Gregg Bissonette Stephen Perkins Cobus Potgeiter OXNARD, CA 4/11/2013 DRUMCHANNEL.COM



I got to the Drum Channel around 5:15 and Gregg Bissonette was out front.  I told him I had to skip the Carl Palmer meet and greet at The Canyon to be there.


He was so cool.  We talked briefly about the CTA show that we were both at a few weeks ago.   He went in and set up.  He and Cobus Potgieter had an incredible impromptu jam.   DSC00409

Don Lombardi brought in a cajon so there could be a three way jam after the taping of the show.

 DSC00453DSC00408DSC00415DSC00419 DSC00413DSC00414DSC00417DSC00421

Stephen Perkins then showed up and everyone got settled in. Don mentioned that this was the first live session in a while.

The playing between Gregg and Stephen was just insane. To be right there watching that was just incredible.


Then they hopped on the couch and talked about a bunch of cool things, like Stephen’s reunion with Infectious Grooves (I’m geeking out about that one), influences, the tons of people they’ve played with and also hosted a contest and took questions via e-mail from people tuning in from home.   They also talked about the songs they selected to play at the respective Bonzo Bash events they performed in and gave tons of valuable information to everyone that tuned in.     They even brought up Carl Palmer and Stephen said he was going to the show right as this concluded.   I think most people in the studio are heading there now (as I am when I finish this!)


Gregg, Stephen and Cobus then hopped on the two kits and the cajon and started jamming away.  Seeing Cobus’ feet move from my seat was just unreal.   Stephen jumped off one kit and joined Cobus on the other one while Gregg ditched the cajon and hopped on the other kit.   It was remarkable.   It was funky, groovy, happy and quite magical.  The dudes were stoked after the session, as was everyone else in the room (and a very small crowd it was).   What a great day of drumming excellence!!  I can’t wait to see the filmed version of this show!!  Beyond excellent!











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