Steel Panther played to a sold out crowd for their last show for a while at House of Blues of Sunset 4/8/2013

It was truly awesome to go directly from The Roxy watching The Atomic Punks do a live performance on AXS.TV to seeing the “greatest show on the Sunset Strip” – Steel Panther.   This is the last show for quite a while, as Steel Panther embarks on a national tour.


As a result, this show was SOLD OUT and packed!   Conspicuously absent was the large Steel Panther banner/ backdrop behind the stage.   Apparently some fire code prevented it from being up for the show.   As usual, Satchel, Michael Starr, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zandinia played an excellent show and did some great tunes off their first two albums.   It was a good send-off for the temporary end to their residency on the Sunset Strip.  They will be missed over the coming months.   Hopefully they’ll be back in the summertime…DSC00387DSC00385DSC00384DSC00041DSC00043DSC00044DSC00045DSC00051DSC00383DSC00381DSC00052DSC00371DSC00367DSC00364DSC00363DSC00358DSC00353DSC00058DSC00350



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