PHIL X and the DRILLS killed it at the House of Blues Sunset on 1/28/2013




Phil X and The Drills are a band to look out for this year.   Phil is a MONSTER guitar player and a certified YouTube guitar sensation with over 32 million views.   Even at a cursory glance, his credentials are quite astonishing.       In addition to being funny as can be, he’s so good that it’s absolutely ridiculous.  He brilliantly intersperses technical guitar playing with humorous and familiar songs.   Hearing him play a super-charged quick passage from The Flintstones theme and use an iPhone to make guitar music  is awesome – people were laughing while their jaws were dropping.   And his band can keep up with him!  This band may be the best kept secret in rock music.  With great drumming by Randy Cooke and killer bass playing by Daniel Spriewald, you’re always in for a treat when seeing The Drills. 

The Drills kicked everyone’s ass that was in attendance.   The really rock a lot of the music from Led Zeppelin.  They should have played at that Zeppelin thing instead of one of the shitty acts that played there (no names, but I’m not referring to Heart). 

It was the perfect way to end the NAMM show.   Definitely make it a point to see them live if you can.




My buddy was literally floored after the show!


This is the newly released CD from Phil X & The Drills:

Pre-Order NEW Phil X & The Drills CSD






Cheers, Phil!!!


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