That Metal Bar- VIPER ROOM- a must-see event if you are a metal head!


THAT METAL BAR – DJ Dave Wave and Railroad to Alaska The Viper Room 10/4/2012 After HCTM, I took a stroll to The Viper Room just before midnight so I could finally witness That Metal Bar – the brainchild of true heavy metal aficionado "DJ Dave Wave" When I went upstairs, there was a killer band playing called Railroad To Alaska. They rocked. The singer/guitarist had a great stage presence about him and he sounded really good. It was heavy music, for sure. At one point, they did a song with a rather contrasting intro that had some pretty intense vocal harmonies before rocking out. It was quite unexpected, but the song got pretty heavy from there. This was another band I just happened to see at The Viper Room that I’d definitely go back again for (All Hail The Yet was the band I became a fan of the last time I was there.

After their set, DJ Dave Wave prepared for his heavy metal DJ show. Dave is the true embodiment of heavy metal. His love for the music definitely drives the energy in the room. He’s decked out 80s metal-style and has a great DJ/ lighting rig.   The green lasers were really great…. and women dancing to metal?  That’s a huge win right there….   DJ Dave Wave rocked out, played some great metal tunes, did a little singing and growling along with it (he does a good job there as well) and had some dancers onstage and I typically don’t say this about too many shows, but I can say without a doubt that a trip to That Metal Bar on a THURSDAY NIGHT is definitely worth the time, effort and money.   Go see it if metal if your thing.














That’s life… in Hollywood.

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