Weird Al Yankovic Put on a Masterful Performance at the Ventura Theater 8/25/2012

2012 Concerts

Al rules.   I’ve seen him before in Ventura a few times, in Oxnard (probably the best Al show I’ve ever been to) and a few times in LA.  I even bought a luxury box for his show at the Greek about 5 years ago.   It was very worth the money to be a VIP at a Weird Al show.  Quite the memorable experience.  

Al has had the same band forever (Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz, Steve Jay,  Ruben Valtierra, and Jim “Kimo” West). Those guys are all geniuses and Al is definitely one of the greatest performers ever.

My last minute ticket ended up only costing me $25. It was some craigslist Groupon deal that I ended up lucking out with (GA was $40, so I scored).

I responded to the ad around 5:00 and was there by 7:00 for the show. I even got a front row parking spot in the…

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