JACKSHIT with JACKSON BROWNE Canyon Club Agoura 3/4/2022


They are the most famous band to come out of Cochtotan, California. In fact, they are the only band to ever come out of Cochtotan. A trio of brothers who polished their chops playing six sets a night at the local Tufted Nighthatch Tavern and Bird Sanctuary, Jackshit would throw forth a good rockin’ soundtrack that had locals humming long after they’ve left the bar and being put into protective custody. Or so the legend goes.

Not only could you be forgiven for thinking the three members of Jackshit look rather familiar, you could very well be right. The likes of Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams and Richard Thompson don’t usually join the ranks of just any back road bar band.

Of course Jackshit is no ordinary band. Featuring the collective talents of Val McCallum, Davey Faragher, and Pete Thomas, the trio play a selection of country rock classics as only…

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