NAMM Announces Believe in Music Week, January 18, 2021


NAMM Announces Believe in Music Week,January 18, 2021
Believe in Music Weekis an online global gathering to unify and support people who bring music to the world. During the week ofJanuary 18, 2021, Believe in Music will celebrate music makers around the world, and offer educational events andproduct demos at the Marketplace.Sign upto receive updates and participate in monthly NAMM Foundation events that keep us all connected!

NEW THIS MONTH: NAMM Foundation September programming includes webinars for college faculty and students, music educators, music service organizations, music makers and more.
  • 9/17:Online Learning:It Can Be More than You Think
  • 9/23: Back to School Health, Wellness & Safety
  • 9/25: Music and Social Justice: What Should We Be Doing?
  • 9/29: Spark Joy by Learning Ukulele Basics with Peter Luongo
  • 9/30: Back to SchoolAccess and Equity in Online Learning

Believe in Music…

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