Kz Guitars: How a One Man Factory in Japan Ended Up Creating Signature Instruments for The Struts and the “Red Special”


Kz Guitar Works is a local all-handmade guitar factory in Zushi City, Japan.

Kz Guitar Works was established in 2001 by ESP Craft Academy graduate Kaz Ijyuin as a one-man operated shop specialized in building a close copy of Queen’sBrian May’s Red Special guitar to honor Queen’s music with May’s unique signature guitarsound.

Kaz’s curiosity and passion towardsBrian May’s homemade guitar paid off whenhis Red Special copy guitar “Super” model versionofficially becameBrian May’s actual back up guitar in 2007.

In 2016, Kz Guitar Works came to Anaheim for the Winter NAMM show to introduce KzOne Standard guitar, which is their take of the Red Special guitar for today’s modern applications and players. When Kaz heard the band “The Struts”, they instantlybecame his next favorite band after Queen.Soon after, Kaz contactedThe Struts’ guitarist

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