Heavy Metal Hill’s Worst Movies of 2019

Heavy Metal Hill

Dr. Sleep in Dolby Cinema

Ad Astra in Dolby Cinema


Ready or Not

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Angel has Fallen DolbyCinem

Don’t Let Go

The Matrix Dolby Cinema

It Part 2 Dolby Cinema

Alita D-box

Glass D-box

A Boy Who Would Be King D-box

Lego Movie 2 3D D-box

Us Dolby Cinema

Godzilla King of Monsters 3-D Dbox

Pet Sematary

Hellboy Dbox

Missing Link 3-D

Aladdin D-Box

Dark Phoenix 3-D MX4D

Toy Story 4 Dolby Cinema

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By Concertologist

California Rock News and Heavy Metal Hill

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