Roxanne’s Jamie Brown Discusses George Lynch, dUg Pinnick, Paul Gilbert, Racer X, The Boogie Knights, Roxanne’s “Radio Silence” And Upcoming Show Tomorrow at the Canyon Club Montclair


ROXANNE are headlining The Canyon Club Montclair tomorrow night. Their show at the Agoura Canyon Club with George Lynch’s Lynch Mob was great, with some surprise guest appearances during the set.


Roxanne singer/ guitarist Jamie Brown took some time to discuss Roxanne, George Lynch, dUg Pinnick, Paul Gilbert, Racer X and the musical empire he built with The Boogie Knights.

Roxannewas formed in Riverside, California in 1986 by vocalist Jamie Brown and bassist Joe Infante and are joined by guitarist John Butler and drummer Dave Landry. By 1987, they had risen to the top of the heap in the LA music scene and landed a deal with Scotti Brothers Records.

Having released their debut album Roxanne in February 1988, the band had moderate success with the single “Cherry Bay” at AOR radio and simultaneously rose to number 63 on the Billboard singles charts with their…

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