2019 Great To Good Movies and Documentaries Winter List


Great Movie Docs/ Biopics

311 Enlarged to Show Detail

Joni 75

Bohemian Rhapsody……

Band vs Brand Documentary – Web

The Dirt – Netflix


Great Movies

The Mule

On The Basis of Sex


The Upside

They Will Never Grow Old 3D


Cold Pursuit/ Goodish

Free Solo

Fighting With My Family

Wonder Park 2D and 3D

Nancy Drew


The OK List

The Kid



Aquaman Dolby Cinema and D-Box

Apollo 11

What Women Want

Madea Family Funeral

Five Feet Away

Train Your Dragon 3-D D-Box

Capt Marvel 3-D D-Box

Escape Room D-Box

Dumbo D-Box

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By Concertologist

California Rock News and Heavy Metal Hill

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