INTERVIEW with PATRICK STONE of BUDDERSIDE at GoDPS Music Thousand Oaks, CA 4/21/2017


One day, Phil Campbell received a phone call while at my house. He received news that his roadie from overseas wouldn’t be able to make the tour over here in the US. When he hung up the phone he looked upset and I asked him “what’s wrong?” He said “I don’t have a roadie for the tour.” I said “yes you do!” I held up his guitar and my tuner and smiled. He smiled, and that was it, I was his new guitar tech. We set out, together with the band, on the “Everything Louder Than Everything Else Tour”. That’s when the gang and I really became close. Lemmy encouraged me all along to be on stage, not behind it. When I finally got serious about the dream, Todd, Lemmy and Phil got behind me 100%. Todd, Lemmy and Phil encouraged UDR to check us out, Motörhead Music (the…

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