DWEEZIL ZAPPA Played Whatever The F#CK He Wanted on The Cease & Desist Tour Stop at The Canyon Club Agoura, CA 9/30/2016


Dweezil Zappa and his band played a 2 1/2 hour show full of very intricate music with very challenging vocal harmonies.  The 50 year old album “Freak Out!” was way ahead of its time and still is to this day.   Recreating the guitar parts of Frank Zappa, along with all the crazy music on the album was quite the undertaking.   The seven member band includes Ryan Brown on drums, Kurt Morgan on bass,  Chris Norton on keyboards, Scheila Gonzalez on flute, sax, keyboards and newcomers David Luther on sax and guitar and vocalist Cian Coey.  The show also had several guitar guests in Oz Noy and James Santiago.

How they were able to pull this off was very impressive, as rehearsing, arranging and memorizing this large amount of complex music seems like it should take years to get perform these songs like this.

And shame on the…

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