GREGG BISSONETTE held a master class for the CAL LUTHERAN MUSIC DEPARTMENT at the Preus-Brandt Forum.

Gregg recently became an Artist-in-Residence Faculty member at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks and will conduct master classes each semester.DSC03046

In a great afternoon with Gregg (and in addition to what is covered in the videos below), he offered some valuable advice about practicing, performing, getting gigs and keeping them (“show up on time, do your job”, etc. etc.), he discussed a proper diet for drumming, keeping hydrated, why Ringo Starr is in such amazing shape at 75 years old and many other helpful things he’s learned over the course of his illustrious career and  gave away a few of his CDs (Warning Will Robinson).

He also had various students and guests onstage to play and covered/ instructed them on different styles and concepts.


Medley Footage:

Discussing Drums:

Getting Gigs From Other Drummers, Doing Sessions, Discussing Carlos Santana’s Supernatural :

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