Cellist Tina Guo Announces Metal Album Featuring John 5 and Al DiMeola

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Tina ENGL Main Photo

Classical cellist Tina Guo announced the upcoming release pre-release of her debut full-length metal album, Cello Metal.  Topping the list of guests guitarists on this album are none other than John 5 and Al DiMeola.

Each of the five covers of ‘metal classics’ on Cello Metal feature a renowned guitar player:

“Iron Maiden” (Black Sabbath) featuring John 5
Sanitarium (Metallica) featuring Al Di Meola
The Trooper (Iron Maiden) featuring Nita Strauss
Raining Blood (Slayer) featuring Wes Borland
Cowboys From Hell (Pantera) featuring John Huldt


The five originals include “Queen Bee“, which won Best Short Film/Music Video at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival, “Child Of Genesis,” “The God Particle,” “Eternal Night,” and “Forbidden City“.


Tina Guo is enjoying a successful career as a composer, soloist and recording artist of the cello and her music has appeared on movie, television, and…

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