Billy Ocean The Canyon Club 3/1/2015


Billy Ocean’s music ruled in the 80s and his career goes back even past that.

He has sold a ton of albums, his biggest songs were in movies and he has several songs that most anyone that remembers him can name off the top of their head.

He put out great albums, great lyrics and great, memorable music that has really stood the test of time.

Surprisingly, he really has as well.  At 65 years, he’s almost twice as old as when he first hit major success/ the big time and he really hasn’t shown many sign of slowing down all these years later.    He started out around 9:00 with “Stand Up Stand Up” and put on a spectacular vocal performance throughout.   His stunning voice and his overall “coolness” has the crowd loving every second.  They definitely brought it at this show.


His funky band was top notch…

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