California MUSIC FEST – 3 Days of Music and Madness — Scoob’s “Going to California”


Most second graders visit Disneyland when they are traveling to the OC.   We noticed second-grader “Scoob” and his father Ken throughout the CALIFORNIA MUSIC FEST at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA and saw them there over the course of the entire 3 night festival for BONZO BASH, RANDY RHOADS REMEMBERED and the OX AND THE LOON.    After seeing his school essay posted upon his return to school, we asked for their overall experience at the show.   Here’s what they sent:

Scoob needed to complete his 2nd grade teacher’s homework assignment to write a paragraph about his favorite part of our trip.


Scoob (aka Ryan Aiden Jaslow  — yes, Dad is a huge Iron Maiden fan) is a 2nd Grade student in New York.   Mind you, he isn’t your normal 7 year old, as he loves rocking out at concerts.   He attended his first concert a few months prior…

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