Jefferson Starship has been rocking forever.   Like their show at The Canyon Club last year, this was a great performance by a truly phenomenal band.  

Vocalist Cathy Richardson completely rocks.   In addition to being a powerhouse vocalist, she also threw down on percussion as well.  She owns the stage.   Her obvious appreciation for Grace Slick was very cool to hear and made the crowd like her even more.


Jude Gold, the newest member of the band , who sports an incredibly impressive resume (Musician’s Institute instructor, Guitar Player magazine editor, etc. etc.), gave an absolutely stunning performance on the guitar.   His version of Jefferson Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen’s “Embryonic Journey” was pure guitar magic and the audience was floored with his guitar skills throughout the show.


Drummer Donny Baldwin is a longtime member of the band and provided some thunderous drumming. 

At one point, he was joined on drums and rocked out with Cathy by his side.


It’s great to see founding members Paul Kantner still out there rocking out at 73 years old and David Freiberg is playing like a champ at 75!   David’s vocals and guitar playing are unbelievably good.   They sound great. 


Longtime keyboardist Chris Smith was also fabulous as usual.


In another highlight of the show, there was a special appearance from violinist Anne Harris.    That was fantastic.  Just hearing her warm up for a second before the show was worth the price of admission right there.


Tons of great hits and old hippie music.  And there were some old hippies in attendance.   Woodstock, man…

They are playing at The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills tonight.  Last night’s performance definitely warrants a return trip to go see another of their shows.

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Paul Kantner – guitar vocals
David Freiberg –vocals, guitar
Donny Baldwin – drums
Chris Smith = keyboards
Cathy Richardson – vocals, percussion
Jude Gold – guitar

with Anne Harris – violin

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By Concertologist

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