The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands AXS TV Britain’s Finest – Tribute to The Beatles CLUB NOKIA 4/30/2014

You’ve heard Katie Daryl say “One more song!” many times throughout the performances on AXS TV’s The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.   The third season of The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands season was technically set to end on April 21.   In what essentially became the sixteenth installment of the season, Katie Daryl surprised viewers and provided a special episode “encore” with a brand new live performance of the show’s inaugural tribute band, Britain’s Finest – a tribute to the Beatles, DSC01062DSC01513 DSC00975

This particular show didn’t take place on on a Monday, nor did it air at the usual start time.   It wasn’t even on the Sunset Strip…. and it turned out to be a fantastic affair that made for a very memorable part of the show’s history.  

Hosted at the spacious and elegant Club Nokia in Downtown LA, the event served to honor past performers on the show (current band included) and as a celebration of the show’s recently announced renewal for an upcoming fourth season, which will see its return sometime in the Fall. 


Other attendees of the live audience for this special event included invited guests and VIPs from The Cable Show – a television network conference that took place at the neighboring LA Convention Center.  The past tribute all-star performers of the program mingled with the rest of the crowd both on the red carpet and inside during the show.   A great party with an excellent band on live TV on weeknight broadcast from a deluxe state of the art venue?   It doesn’t get much better than that!DSC01092

The live telecast began in grand fashion at 10PM Pacific time for a 90 minute performance that spanned the career of The Beatles.


The first segment was presented in black and white to viewers at home.   Very cool idea.

Britain’s Finest played an extended set list with several songs that weren’t regularly performed live by The Beatles.  The song variety added even more to the overall experience of being there.   The crowd on hand really enjoyed the concert and being treated to a great evening of music and fun.     Given the incredible impact The Beatles had on television 50 years ago, along with all the gifted musicians in attendance, this was a very fitting crowd to witness this show.   Britain’s Finest Finest took many of the cable executives and everyone else there on a blast to the past.


BritiansFinest-6 DSC01273 The positive energy of the band gave off a really happy vibe at the show.  You could tell they really were enjoying putting on their performance, which, on top of everything else, made it all that much more entertaining.

They had about 3 minutes between each set to switch out their wardrobes when Katie Daryl took the audience through the commercial breaks to resume with their chronologically updated attire.  They managed to pull everything off flawlessly to a delighted crowd. 

The evening was the perfect way to end out the season on a great note.   Hopefully, this is an indication of the good things to come for the upcoming season.  There is a big family feeling between all the members of the various acts that make this show happen and it was a fitting way to part ways until next time.

Since its inception early last year, this show has not only done a great job of legitimizing the hard work of these great tribute bands; it also keeps the audience guessing– in a really good way.  It takes the best tribute bands like these to make the audience feel like they are being transported to a different time witnessing a historic concert taking place.   That’s what it’s all about.



I Want To Hold Your Hand

Please Please Me

All My Loving

From Me To You

Roll Over Beethoven

Eight Days A Week

Can’t Buy Me Love

I Feel Fine

Day Tripper

She Loves You

We Can Work It Out

I Saw Her Standing There

Twist and Shout


Hello Goodbye

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

With A Little Help From My Friends

Penny Lane

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Yellow Submarine

Strawberry Fields Forever

Rocky Raccoon

BritiansFinest-9_thumb[1] BritiansFinest-10_thumb[1]

Come Together


Get Back Medley

Don’t Let Me Down


BritiansFinest-21 BritiansFinest-19 ENCORE:

Hey JudeBritiansFinest-25



The World’s Greatest Cheering Section:




Cheers to Season 4!!! DSC00910DSC01632 DSC00909DSC00941

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