BOSTYX at The Canyon Club 9/19/2013

First of all, BOSTYX rocks!

Boston and Styx are two of the best rock bands ever, both recording-wise and live in concert.  I’ve seen them both many times and they are among my favorite bands ever.

Just over 5 years ago, I sat front row and watched Styx open up for Boston at the Gibson Amphitheatre (I can’t believe that place is no more – so sad!).  This was during the time when Boston had just hired Tommy DeCarlo from Home Depot (a true success story that is an inspiration to musicians everywhere) and Michael Sweet of Stryper fame for shared vocals duties within the band.  Talk about a great concert from beginning to end.

About a month ago, I was at Lucy’s 51 in Toluca Lake when they announced that David Victor from the band Boston was going to sit in with the house band for a tune.   He got up there and really threw down on the vocals.   It was impressive and everyone there really enjoyed his singing.   It turns out he not only tours with Boston, but he also performs in this Boston and Styx tribute band know as BOSTYX (It’s kind of like being named the WILTERN, which is on Wilshire and Western).

Anyhow, you have to really respect the tribute bands like Bostyx and Wild Child who have members that get hired out of their respective tribute bands to perform with the original artist.   It’s like a true “Rock Star” type scenario (which was also very loosely based on “Ripper” Owens, who replaced Rob Halford in Judas Priest).

Arriving with them already a few songs into their set, they were knocking out great versions of Boston and Styx songs.  I’m not sure what I missed, but the guy at the door said they were rocking.   That’s a high compliment right there…


The line-up is  David Victor on vocals and guitar, Roby Duron on guitar, Manny Aguire on bass, Dave Hamilton on keyboards and Glenn Jost on drums/vocals.   As you can see, these guys are excellent musicians that did a great job with all the songs they played.


Victor traded off vocal duties with the Glenn Jost on tunes and they were joined towards the end for a few Styx tunes and a Boston tune by August Zadra (former bandmate of David’s and current member of Dennis DeYoung’s band), who sang and also played guitar.



There was some good triple guitar work going on during the end of the set.


Wrapping up around 11:00, they ended up playing a great set of tunes, but I would have stayed for at least another hour for more music.

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