I’ve seen MTB twice now and this was a really good show.    Like Steely Dan and Jethro Tull, there is no MARSHALL TUCKER in the Marshall Tucker Band.    They saw that name inscribed on the key to their music studio (apparently, the person that used it before them was named Marshall Tucker) and named their band accordingly.  Sort of like Leonard Skinner (look that one up if you don’t know and think a correction is needed) and like Steely Dan, they’re named after something kind of odd and random (look that one up, too).   And like Jethro Tull, they have kick ass flute playing, guitar work and drumming.  


It was packed and hot inside (the temperatures in Agoura have been extremely high for a while now).   I think the first song (at least it’s the first song I heard when I got to the box office) was “This Ol’ Cowboy”.   “Fire On The Mountain” sounded fantastic as I made my way in.  The band was rocking.  Everyone in this band rocks.  There were great flute solos, drum solos, guitar solos, crowd participation and a great set of tunes.  A total win.  Especially if you were positioned by one of those big metal fans (circulating throughout the venue).  

   DSC01030DSC01000   DSC00588DSC01043

Tons of MTB Fans:

DSC00568 DSC01056

The flute playing and saxophone parts were probably the highlight of the show for me.   


 DSC00758DSC00666 DSC00682DSC00832

Approximate Set List (no charge for mistakes!)

This Ol’ Cowboy


Fire On The Mountain (the band’s second-highest hit – just one of their only two top-40 hits).

DSC01062 DSC00752

Dog Eat Dog World


Take the highway  _ KILLER DRUM SOLO


Heard it in a Love Song (MTB’s greatest hit)


Blue Ridge


Midnight promises

DSC00853 DSC00947

Can’t You See?


“I’ll Be Loving You” ????


“Tell the Blues to Take Off the Night” ???? 

DSC00763 DSC00901

????- I bailed after “Can’t You See”.   I didn’t want to get stuck in a sea of people getting out of the parking lot on a holiday weekend, if you catch my drift.     after the applause died down, I think they called out “I’ll Be Loving You” as I got to my car.   Judging from recent set lists, they may have played “Tell the Blues to Take Off the Night” as closer.   But I wasn’t there, so for all I know, they could have played a Slayer or a Metallica song (“MTB” could also stand for “Metallica Tribute Band” – ha ha) to close out the set. 

DSC00971DSC01032DSC00958 DSC00977

“Can’t You See?” was never a Top 40 hit.   It was featured in the movie “Blow”. 



DOUG GRAY – Lead Vocals and Tambourine

MARCUS JAMES HENDERSON – Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute and Vocals

CHRIS HICKSGuitar and Vocals

RICK WILLIS – Guitar and Vocals

B.B. BORDEN – Drums

PAT ELWOOD – Bass and Vocals

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