Blaze of Glory The Bon Jovi Experience AXS TV’s The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands The Roxy 8/26/2013


Blaze of Glory is the seventh band of Season 2 to perform their live set from the Roxy.  

The band hails from Dallas, Texas and is recognized as the top Bon Jovi tribute band.  


Following the introduction by Katie Daryl (who just presented a tribute band award in Las Vegas at the Vegas Rocks Magazine award show the night before), the band put crowd in a great mood as they played Bon Jovi songs from various albums throughout the expansive Bon Jovi catalog. 


They started with “You Give Love A Bad Name” off the Slippery When Wet” album.   That was the album that thrust them into mega-stardom.  DSC08923

I was just starting high school when that album came out and just thinking about it brings back some really great memories.   There were quite a few people in the crowd that took a trip down memory lane.    


The musicians in the band were excellent.   Everyone played their part very well.

They covered some of the more recent material and of course they played their namesake tune “Blaze of Glory”, which is actually a Jon Bon Jovi solo tune from 1990.   It was featured in the movie Young Guns II.  

Check out the authentic Bon Jovi tattoo:



They closed out the main set with “Runaway”, which was the oldest song of the set.  DSC09008DSC09010

For their encore, Blaze of Glory came out and played 4 more huge hits (“Livin’ On A Prayer”, “I’ll Be There For You”, “Wanted Dead Or Alive”  and “Bad Medicine”)  before going off air with “Keep The Faith”.  It was a great way to close out the show and everyone there had a smile on their faces.

DSC09160DSC09162DSC09092DSC08950 DSC08919  DSC08925   DSC08894 

There were people in the crowd from Texas and New Jersey for the show.   There was even a group of people from Sweden that attended the show.   They all loved it, as did everyone in attendance.

DSC08936DSC09154DSC09140DSC08929DSC09197DSC09182   DSC09177 

Set List

You Give Love A Bad Name

Raise Your Hands               

It’s My Life                       

Born To Be My Baby

Blaze Of Glory           




Livin’ On A Prayer       

I’ll Be There For You       

Wanted Dead Or Alive 

Bad Medicine

Keep The Faith (end of show)




TUNE IN SEPTEMBER 9 at 8:00PM (with replay to follow) TO SEE THE IRON MAIDENS PAY TRIBUTE TO IRON MAIDEN ON THE WORLD’S GREATEST TRIBUTE BANDS!   This show is going to be incredible. 

Free tickets to attend the live show

 DSC09212_thumb[1] DSC09205_thumb[1]AXS TV presents The World's Greatest Tribute Bands

Here’s Katie pointing to the Iron Maidens, who were up front rocking out and singing along during the show (as seen on TV, of course).


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