ROCKITSESSIONS started when successful record producer and noted session drummer Marc Jordan had a request from a recording artist to include a guitar solo from Slash on a track they were working on in the studio.

At this time, Marc had just finished working in the studio on demos with Velvet Revolver.  He sent the MP3 of the song to Slash and Slash dug it.   The two worked together and came up with a way to make it happen.  Arrangements were made and Slash came into the studio, played for a few hours and then hung for another hour or two.   It was fantastic.

It suddenly came to Marc that he should set up similar events and experiences similar to this for people who may not be in the industry to enjoy.

Ironically, the track resulting from the session with Slash’s solo was recently re-released and is currently charting on Billboard.

His target audience may include anyone that may be considered “rock stars” in their respective industries to up and coming musicians that dream of doing a recording session with a rock star to big fans of a performer or group that would like a true VIP experience.

ROCKITSESSIONS has been giving clients exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunities to get into a major recording studio with a famous rock star to jam and/or record music or simply watch them play in a private setting.  

Marc has decided to take ROCKITSESSIONS on the road and offer a truly one of a kind experience called “Sturgis In Style”, an exclusive, high end rock star luxury experience with one-of-a-kind VIP perks at one of the biggest events of the year that features VIP tickets to The Cult and Buckcherry on August 3 and The Black Crowes on August 4.  


Marc explained what the package includes and it is quite impressive.

“You and a buddy fly in from wherever on Friday, August 2.   You’re picked up by a sedan/limo and taken to a top hotel.  Over the next two days, you driven to and from Sturgis for the rally, where you’ll have VIP access at The Buffalo Chip and The Broken Spoke Campground.  You can come and go as you please and everything is taken care of, including food and drinks.   The shows begin later in the day.   In addition to having an amazing time watching the bands play, you’ll get to hang out before, during and after the event with super VIP benefits that would otherwise be far out of reach for anyone else.”

With ROCKITSESSIONS’s connections in the industry and involvement with members of The Cult , Velvet Revolver, and tons of other bands, this is ideal for those musicians and fans that want to meet, play music, hang out, and/or record with major rock stars.   

And with an added bonus of enjoying convenient air travel to Rapid City and ground transportation while there, deluxe hotel accommodations, meet and greets with rock stars, and other entertainment, it’s an experience you couldn’t get anywhere else. 

With his direct access to world famous musicians and multitude of connections, contacting major artistic talent in rock and many other styles of music is “just 7 to 10 digits away”.

For recording sessions, ROCKITSESSIONS offer the best studios, best gear, top sessions players for accompaniment, full recording capabilities, videographers to capture the experience (and even produce a video), extravagant catering and whatever else to make this the experience the fulfillment of a bucket list item or two.  They are able to rent out venues for personal performances and create private concerts.    There is also an option to just jam covers or for the super fan, just hang out and get to know a rock star way beyond a typical and hurried meet and greet.  ROCKITSESSIONS can set this up in LA or even make the arrangements to travel to the requestor.   The sky’s the limit, as nothing is truly out of the question.

Information on past sessions and about what you can expect from a ROCKITSESSIONS experience to live it up in true rock star style:



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