DAVE DAVIES at The Canyon Club 6/9/2013



I am cracking up over the people responding to this and commenting about what I thought about this show in an angry, mean-spirited way.  I didn’t really like this show (except the few songs I did know, which were cool to hear).   I’ve talked to some friends that thought this show was absolutely great and others that felt more like the way I do about it.   I’d like to clarify a few things about this show and my attendance:

This is what got me to go the show (which I attended on a WHIM) and why I thought I’d see the songs that I did (and may explain/ clear up some of my “confusion” below):








Patsy here calls me a “douche”.   Real classy.  Thanks, Patsy.


Here,some guy named Ken from Sacramento accuses me of being high. Hilarious!  It seemed like the people that were high were the ones enjoying the show. 

And congrats on being “a real Kinks fan”.   I’m happy for you.


This is my favorite.   I guess I’m going to start a blog on cooking.


Here’s the one comment that wasn’t mean (and I do give Dave credit for getting out there):


I do give him credit.  At 66, I think he’s doing an OK job, but if you were to check reviews about this show from more “credible” and “in the know” people, then you’d see they though the show was kind of bad as well.

I go to almost any show I can and, no, I don’t always know everything about every band I see.  I enjoy live music and there’s a lot of it out there.  Sometimes I take chances on shows I see and this was one of them.   Sometimes, the experience of being there is better than the show itself.

The crowd was mostly comprised of cranky, drunk people, which now, isn’t such a surprise.   After hearing music I didn’t like and being in a crowd with intoxicated, rowdy people, I only wanted to stick around for the encore thinking the advertised songs would be played.

I do like how passionate Dave’s fans are about him and his music.  That’s great.  Always speak up for what you believe in.

As far as I’m concerned, his solo material didn’t sound good live and I don’t think I’ll be buying Dave’s solo album.   Actually, I know for sure that won’t be happening.  

I went back to my car to put my camera away after taking a few pictures.   The tour manager was running around asking people to put their phones and cameras away, so I honored her wishes and decided to take my camera and jacket to the car, as I no longer required either.   On my way out, I saw one of the people that had too much to drink and got kicked out.   I sat down and witnessed the altercation:

I can’t help but think that the people that commented about this show to me are a lot like this lady.

If Ray comes to town, I’ll go see him.

Read some people’s reviews of this show.  They were of a similar opinion about his voice.  


Here’s my recap that has angered so many of you (and no, besides editing Dave’s name where I inadvertently typed Ray’s , this is unedited):

I kept thinking of Ray Davies.    I wasn’t really sure which one was which.  I think Ray wrote most of the good songs.

Dave started out and wasn’t sounding too great.  Every song would start up with what seemed to be a familiar riff, then it would be something I wasn’t familiar with.  His voice had issues.


Anyhow, the Kinks did have some great tunes.   There’s obviously “You Really Got Me”, which Van Halen covered.   I completely forgot they also covered “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” on their “cover album”, Diver Down.   He played that song towards the end of the set.  It probably sounded the best of all the tunes.

I didn’t hear him play “Lola” or “Tired Of Waiting for You” or “Come Dancing”.   Maybe he played all three of these songs when I went out for air.  It was pretty packed and kind of hot in there.    I think I did miss “Tired of Waiting for You”.

Ed P. Reyes, an LA City Councilman came out and presented Dave with an award and declared today Dave Davies Day (Say that 5 times fast!) and then proceeded to jam with the band!  Incredible!

Hearing some of The Kinks classics was great and made it worth attending the concert, but overall, this really wasn’t too great of a show.    Not regrettable, but kind of forgettable.  Dave is 66 and has had his share of tough times, so it’s cool he’s still out there rocking.  No shame in that.


I think this was the set list:

  1. I’m Not Like Everybody Else

  2. I Need You

  3. Little Green Amp

  4. Creeping Jean

  5. Tired Of Waiting For You

  6. See My Friends

  7. Death Of A Clown

  8. This Man He Weeps Tonight

  9. Young And Innocent Days

  10. The Healing Boy

  11. Strangers

  12. Flowers in the Rain

  13. Living on a Thin Line

  14. Where Have All The Good Times Gone

  15. All Day and All of the Night

  16. Encore:
  17. Milk Cow Blues

  18. I’m Not Like Everybody Else

  19. Cote Du Rhone (I Will Be Me) (ending part only)

  20. Encore 2:
  21. You Really Got Me

 DSC05234  DSC05228

DSC05225 DSC05224

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