I had really bad luck the first two times I attended an Alice Cooper concert.   The first time (here at the Gibson), I dropped and smashed my new phone when I was getting my ticket out of my pocket on the way into the show.  Here’s the picture I managed to squeeze out of my broken phone.


The last time I saw Alice, I ate some really weird pizza spicy shrimp pizza next door to the venue before the show.  Food poisoning hit me immediately.   By the time I went to will call for my tickets, I was violently ill.   I repeatedly threw up in front of all the people in line as I retreated to my car to be completely miserable for a while.  Not recovering at all, I didn’t feel well enough to drive home, so I just went back to the venue a while later.  I was able to watch a few songs (including the song “Poison” – the irony) before stumbling to my car and driving home.  That night sucked and I was so sick that I didn’t even realize Johnny Depp was playing with them onstage most of the show , which, after hearing that, made me sick all over again.  He already has so many guitarists, I guess I didn’t notice a fourth.


I figured the third time would be a charm and I had to attend this show, for it may be my last at the Gibson.   Given the horrible upcoming schedule of the Gibson Amphitheatre and the fact it’s closing altogether in early September, I figured this is the show that I will say “farewell” to the Universal Amphitheatre, where I’ve been enjoying shows for roughly 25 years of my normally delightful concert going life.   My first concert here was in the late 80s and I’ve been here hundreds of times since then.  Some were fantastic, some were OK and a few were complete garbage.  To think my last show at what I consider my favorite venue of all time would be 2 dudes named Alice and Marilyn is rather unsettling (ha ha).  This turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had at the Gibson.  Great sound, great stage set and the band totally rocked. and this easily was the best performance I ever saw by Alice Cooper.   The only “bad luck” I had was losing the lens cap for my camera at the very end of the evening.   I think I’ll live.

DSC04349  DSC04320   DSC04323DSC04408DSC04434 DSC04343  DSC04338DSC04392DSC04340DSC04380 DSC04375 DSC04370 DSC04403DSC04438 DSC04435  DSC04442DSC04447DSC04459DSC04464DSC04385DSC04428DSC04395DSC04414      DSC04355DSC04366DSC04481

DSC04493 DSC04490 DSC04491 DSC04492

 DSC04568DSC04581DSC04638DSC04602 DSC04582DSC04572DSC04588DSC04642



The Underture

  1. Hello Hooray

  2. House of Fire

  3. No More Mr. Nice Guy

  4. Billion Dollar Babies

  5. I’ll Bite Your Face Off

  6. Is It My Body

  7. Under My Wheels

  8. Hey Stoopid

  9. Poison

  10. Dirty Diamonds

  11. Welcome to My Nightmare

  12. Go to Hell

  13. Feed My Frankenstein

  14. Ballad of Dwight Fry

  15. Killer

  16. I Love the Dead

  17. School’s Out


  1. I’m Eighteen

Alice Cooper Setlist Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, USA, Masters of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour 2013

  • Alice Cooper – vocals, guitar, harmonica (1963–present)
  • Chuck Garric – bass guitar, vocals (2002–present)
  • Ryan Roxie – guitar, vocals (1996–2006, 2012–present)
  • Tommy Henriksen – guitar, vocals (2011–present)
  • Orianthi – guitar, vocals (2011–present)
  • Glen Sobel – drums, percussion (2011–present)

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