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The tribute band business has grown into a billion dollar industry.

“The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” on AXS.TV has been building real momentum on the network.  Already half way through the season, this Monday’s show focuses on the music of Journey tribute, as DSB (it stands for “Don’t Stop Believin’”, of course), an incredibly solid band of skilled musicians that averages around 150 live Journey tribute shows each year takes the stage LIVE on AXS.TV at The Roxy on the World Famous Sunset Strip.

DSB has an impressive and growing list of credentials and is widely considered the MOST authentic sounding Journey band in existence.  The band specializes in the Steve Perry-era of Journey and obviously has a vast catalog of hits and great songs to draw from and perform to delighted crowds.

In addition to Journey’s already tremendous fan base, several recent hit TV shows and movies have brought on a real interest in Journey’s powerful songs to the younger generation, which pretty much guarantees the largest viewing audience yet for this already widely successful series.

I had a chance to talk to DSB’s band leader, Scotty Kormos, and discuss the upsurge in popularity to a still very relevant and incredibly popular band and find out exactly what makes them the most authentic Journey band out there.

Scotty is originally from Cleveland, OH and ended up moving to the L.A. area to work on various musical projects and struck gold when DSB was formed.  He gave some valuable insight and a behind the scenes look of what it took to achieve such an incredible distinction of being considered the best at what he and his band does, which will translate nicely to Monday night’s performance.

This Los Angeles-based band has been in existence for 4 1/2 years with a staggering rate of growth year after year. Since their inception, they have been doing roughly 150 shows a year and are attracting more fans and larger crowds partly due to the consensus that they are the must-see Journey tribute band.

Not only do they constantly tour across America, but they hold the distinction of being the ONLY Journey tribute band to play coast-to-coast and internationally.   In addition to touring in Mexico and Canada, it looks like there are imminent plans for DSB tour dates in Asia – a real dream come true for any band.

Opting not to wear wigs or dress like it’s still the 80s, Scotty made a good point in saying that Journey has never really had a “look" like some other bands that would appropriately require costumes for a stage act, as you would expect from Guns-n-Roses and other bands of that nature.   According to him, and, in this case, it’s “always been about the music and it’s better to sound like them than to just look like them.” Great point.

Journey has so many hit songs. Their first greatest hits album alone has 17 songs, so there is a wide selection of songs that most everyone can already sing all the words to, and there’s no shortage of songs they could play for their exciting upcoming AXS.TV performance.

The band strives for a family-friendly experience.  I asked about their best gig to date and Scotty mentioned a show in Southern California, where there were 14,000 people in attendance to witness DSB perform live.   He said while they were playing, and as the massive crowd was swaying back and forth to “Faithfully", that, for a moment, he actually FELT like he was in Journey.

As a true sign of a great band, he stressed that the group pledges to be just as professional offstage as they are onstage.  Their strong emphasis on fan-friendly, all-ages entertainment and musicianship has served them very well.  They love interacting with fans and will spend plenty of time after the shows to meet fans and generously gift guitar picks, drum sticks, set lists and such.

DSB is as humble as they are talented.  Guitarist Roger Cain’s brother is TV actor “Dean Cain." Scotty explained that Roger never publicizes this since he and his brother took different paths in the entertainment industry.   However, and to add to the excitement of the show, Dean Cain will be co-hosting this upcoming event with TWGTB host and producer, Katie Daryl.

Scotty is very serious and passionate about DSB and his overall enthusiasm, level of excitement and passion for the music is quite inspiring.  DSB is incredibly honored and humbled to get this incredible opportunity.

He mentioned that he gets a lot of requests from fans for places they haven’t been able to play yet, so this is the perfect opportunity to reach those fans.   To prepare for the show, Scotty said DSB just played six shows in a three day span through Nevada and they are ready to take the big television stage to entertain all the Journey fans out there.

He also commented on the “multi-generational interest” in Journey’s music. You have young fans that know all the lyrics to the songs and some of their parents, and even grandparents probably have those same albums in their collections, along with all the people that Journey served as a “soundtrack to that era of their lives”.   Many remember dancing to “Open Arms” at a prom, or roller skating to the hits off the “ESCAPE” album.  Part of the reward for Scotty is so many people having incredibly fond memories of this music.   And it’s fun for DSB to see people reliving some of life’s memories through their recreation of Journey’s music.

Scotty pointed out that Journey’s music, although very "listenable", it is quite complex from a compositional perspective, with all the chord structures, guitars solos, drum parts, and he possesses a very technically savvy respect for the material and craftsmanship involved.

I love when Scotty said, “We’re not doctors, we can’t save your life and we’re not lawyers, so we can’t get you out of jail, but we are entertainers and if you can come to our show, you can put your problems aside and let DSB make you smile.”

Tune in Monday night to find out what makes this band stand out above the rest of the many Journey tribute bands that are out there recreating and paying tribute to the timeless classics of Journey.   They will have you believin’.

Follow DSB on Twitter, live tweet during the show and interact with Dean and Katie. Be sure to use the hash tag #AXSTribute.

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