World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Kenny Metcalf as Elton John on AXS.TV from The Roxy 4/15/2013

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After having really enjoyed the Atomic Punks last Monday, it was time for a quick return trip to Hollywood to enjoy the premiere Elton John Tribute from Kenny Metcalf for the next installment of “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” on AX.TV.

After checking out some of his performances via the Internet, it was clear that Kenny was definitely up for the sizeable task of recreating an Elton John performance.

It turns out that Kenny was the original keyboardist with Stryper and toured with the band up until 1986.

Several years ago, I caught the show of Elton John’s The Red Piano a few times at Caesar’s Place in Vegas.   That was an extraordinary production.   I could just imagine what the Million Dollar Piano is like.

I also saw Elton at the Wax Museum a few years back (ha ha):ericapix624 4083

Hosted by Katie Daryl, she did the show’s introduction just before Kenny and the band took the stage.  Within a couple of songs, I actually felt like I was at an Elton John concert.   And unlike a lot of tribute bands, I didn’t have to close my eyes to imagine that.  His tribute to early Elton John was phenomenal.   “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, “Tiny Dancer” and “Pinball Wizard were the standout tracks. 

In addition to rocking out to a lot of the popular hits, there was a special appearance by Caleb Quaye, Elton’s original producer and lead guitarist.   That was a fantastic moment to an already incredible show.  The entire band was on fire.   And the sound was incredible.  Those amps sounded really hot.

I’ve already watched the AXS.TV airing several times on my DVR since seeing the show live and I’ll definitely check it out again.

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Benny and the Jets

Rocket man

Crocodile Rock

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Honky Cat

Your Song

Tiny Dancer

The ____ is back

Saturday Nights All right for fighting.

Check out Kenny’s tunes:


Kenny Metcalf – as Elton,

Mark Servi and Isaac Johnson- guitars

Bobby HQ Storm – bass

Michael Thompson – drums

Back up singers: Sharlene Griffith and  Stefanie Hult

Caleb Quaye- special guitar appearance



By Concertologist

California Rock News and Heavy Metal Hill


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