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Uli is considered the godfather of neo-classical guitar playing. He’s awesome.

He played a great show a few years back at the Ventura Theater. HIs band had a pretty unbeatable band with Bjorn Englen, Mark Boals, Adrian Galysh and Glen Sobel (blurry old iPhone picture for reference):

He was back with an entirely new line-up and played a late night set that included many old Scorpions classics.

Stone Senate, the opening band from Nashville, was really good. Clint Woolsey has a great voice and the triple guitar parts, along with Mike Thompson and Marcus Brown, were really cool. They played an entertaining set and are definitely worth checking out. http://stonesenate.com.



Uli Jon Roth and band took stage shortly before midnight and almost played until closing. Standing in the same spot for 3 1/2 hours isn’t as fun as it used to be. but in this case…

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