STEEL PANTHER at the House of Blues Sunset Strip 2/24/2013 with Matthew and Gunnar Nelson and Glen Sobel

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This show had everything you’d expect from a Monday night with Steel Panther at the House of Blues- funny jokes, women onstage, cool songs and special guests.  They played a lot of originals from the first album, a few from the second, some Van Halen, Guns and Roses and Poison before having Glen Sobel come play drums along with the Nelson brothers (Matthew and Gunnar) on vocals and the guitarist from Lifehouse.   Having him play instead of Satchel was a huge mistake.   You had incredible drumming along with sloppy guitar playing that completely ruined the song.   That was unfortunate.   Glen then left the kit and Satchel got his guitar back while the Nelsons stuck around and sang “Don’t Stop Believin’” to close out the show.     It wasn’t the greatest Steel panther show ever, but it was still pretty darn cool.    The funniest part of the show was when Michael Starr…

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