OZOMATLI played an excellent and musically diverse set at The Canyon Club 2/9/2013


After seeing OzoKidz at the Canyon earlier in the day, I came back and caught about an hour of the Ozomatli set.  A family matinee show and a good mid-evening show were the perfect way to spend an afternoon and evening in Agoura.   I saw Ozomatli live on the Warped Tour a few years ago, but they only played a song or two, so other than their kids’ performances, I wasn’t truly aware of how brilliant their music really is.  And they’re clearly a cool bunch of guys and are very fan-friendly – the way it should be…


The sound and lighting in the venue were both great.  I hung in the back and took notice of how good the bass and drums/percussion sounded and how tight the band was.  They really packed a punch with the horns to fatten up their sound.   The way they seamlessly blend musical styles together is quite incredible.   Besides dub step and metal, I can’t think of too many styles of music they didn’t cover.    In addition to all the impressive musicality and coming to expect the unexpected with their musical turns, they also have a really good, happy vibe.   Very uplifting.    There were many people that were jamming out and really enjoying themselves at the show.   They even did a pretty funny cover of “I Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode.  I feel lame for not going to see them prior to this show.  My kids will definitely be growing up to appreciate music like this – I’m glad they are already fans…. 





Clips of the show

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