Friends, neighbors and shredders……..

Robert Trujillo at The Fonda

Out in front of the Gojira/ Devin Townsend Concert


Seeing Doug Aldrich and Keith St. John 

Doug was my guitar teacher back in high school. 


Seeing Alphonso Johnson at the Warwick booth

Alphonso used to be my neighbor back when he was in Santana.


Seeing Devin Townsend the day after his show

(he thanked my friend on vid for going to the show- funny dude)



Rusty Cooley

This dude is an animal on the guitar


Laurie Monk/ Truth in Shredding posted my footage:

Heavy Mellow

These guys rule.  I caught 3 of their shows at NAMM.  Greatness!


Richie Kotzen

I saw Richie play twice at NAMM.  Nobody can sing or play like him.


Russ Miller/ Steve Smith

We just somehow stumbled upon this signing with some of my favorite drummers. The signed drum heads rule.



Stu Hamm

Stu is one of my heroes on the bass.  I saw him play twice at the show, got a pic and an autograph.  He even gave me his business card so I could e-mail him stuff.   Awesome!

Meeting Steve Morse

One of my favorite guitarists of all time.  I’ve seen him play live at least 20 times.  We mostly talked about his old instructional videos from the 80s.


GWAR 2013 with Trippy the Clown

What a photo op this was at the RNRI booth….

Kill Devil Hill saying hello……


Metal Masters Signing

Being at the very front of the line for the Metal Masters signing certainly didn’t suck.   And Billy Sheehan was the last person at the table, which was really cool.  


Bumblefoot and Tony Harnell performing together

Last show of NAMM – I watched them play, said hi to the guys afterwards, got an autographed poster and headed straight home. Perfect ending to a great 4 days.


BLABBERMOUTH used my footage of one of their tunes:

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By Concertologist

California Rock News and Heavy Metal Hill

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