Paul Gilbert HOB 1/9/2013

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Paul Gilbert House of Blues


I was just starting high school in the mid-80s  when my aunt and uncle took me to my first heavy metal concert (I won’t get into the shows my mom and grandma took me to prior to that).

They took me to the Country Club in Reseda on a Saturday night to see King Kobra with Carmine Appice.    What a scene that was.   All the metal heads sure partied hard back then.   People drinking excessively, women getting naked to impress the bands onstage –  I’d never witnessed anything like that.    4 bands played that night.   The band before King Kobra was Racer X.   I was completely blown away by the guitar wizardry of Bruce Bouillet and Paul Gilbert.   I’d never seen anyone shred like that.     They quickly became my favorite band and I spent all my money finding a way to see them there over…

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