Steve Vai rocked the Canyon Club In Agoura Hills, CA on the last stop of his North American Tour for The Story of Light 10/13/2012

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I got home from Steve Vai’s show at the Club Nokia about 1AM this morning.


It was truly a cosmic experience of guitar wizardry, pyrotechnics, special effects and a fierce display of phenomenal musicianship.  I found myself listening to his music all day long trying to relive the nearly 3 hour show.  The unique and gifted electric harp player, the great bass playing, the incredible drumming and the out-of-this-world guitar playing sold me on immediately seeing this show again.   And I was really curious to see if they could pull the same show off and play as well in a smaller venue.  It was so good, I just had to find out for sure.     By the afternoon, I was fully prepared to witness his show again at The Canyon Club in Agoura – a wonderful, local venue and the last stop on the continent for this tour.   


Unfortunately, I wasn’t…

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