Billy Sheehan Bass Clinic (“Attitude Day”) at Yamaha Burbank, CA 9/15/2012

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I RSVPed for this event thinking it would be a total longshot to get on the list.   Much to my surprise, I received a confirmation a few days later.

I got to Burbank a little after 1:30 not knowing what to expect.  I imagined it would be a huge event with tons of attendees.  I was greeted at the door by very friendly people and let into the studio.

Once inside, I was completely blown away.    Billy’s basses lined the wall in seemingly chronological order from the beginning of his career to the newest Yamaha Attitude models he currently plays.  



The next thing I noticed was there were only 3 rows of chairsDSC05464, a few tables in the back (presumably for the SRO folks) and in the back corner, there was a bar!! YES!! I then had a look at the stage area.

To the right of Billy’s…

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