JOHN CORABI The Whisky A-Go-Go 3/19/2014

Heavy Metal Hill


As a huge Racer X fan in my teen years, I bought up any projects the former members of the band were involved with from the late 80s to the early 90s.

A few years after Racer X called it quits, former members Juan/John Alderete and Bruce Bouillet formed a band called The Scream.

Their album release, “Let It Scream”, is a an incredible recording of great songs with the stunning vocals of John Corabi. There are many gems on that album from touching balladry to all out rock. Some of my favorite songs ever are on this album. Still to this day, not many recordings compare to that one. If only more people were hip to it at the time, it would have had the potential to be a huge album.

Ironically, with bands like The Scream, music didn’t have to go bad like it did in the 90s…

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